Congratulations to our 2007-2008 A.A.S.A. Executive Board!

President: Jasmine Bell

1st Vice-President of Campus Affairs: Cherie Todd-Thomas

2nd Vice-President of Community Affairs: Erick Rozigas

3rd Vice-President of Communications: Monique Smith

Secretary: Stephanie Sullivan

Treasurer: Shafari Tatum

Parliamentarian: Jasminn Chestnut

Historian: Jazmine Finley

We are the University of California, Merced’s first Black Student Union, the African American Student Association which proudly represents the African American culture, heritage, and experience at UC Merced which now spans not only the entire country but the the entire globe. We are here at UC Merced, the most diverse UC of the system to break the chains of the past making it our mission to set a positive example for everyone and to show the world that people of African descent are a force to be reckoned with. We want to spread awareness of our history and work collectively together to ensure a brighter future. Our organization serves the purpose of organizing to represent the interests ofAfrican American students at UC Merced and in the community. We are primarily geared to communicating the particular needs and concerns of African American students to the administration and general university community, however we seek to provide the university with creative and innovative programming, events, activities, and information that is relevant to the African American experience at UCM.







We are Black, Gifted, and Talented! We are the Distinguished Black Leaders On Campus! We are laying the foundations for our generation!

Thank you visiting A.A.S.A. Leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon possible. Feel free to let us know how we can improve and join us in our movement!

For More Information Contact ucm.aasa.@gmail.com