Executive Board 2006-2007



This year A.A.S.A. is proud to be represented by some of the most inspiring, dedicated, passionate, ELECTED leaders on campus. The current Executive Board serves the members of A.A.S.A. in a variety of capacities, each members dedicating countless hours of their own time to work on programs, budgets, actitivities, fundraisers, and events. This year the Executive Board has organized club fairs, our 1st Annual African American Leadership Summit, Black History Month, as well as countless other endeavors. The Executive Board consists of a united group of like-minded individuals from all walks of life who come together to lead the members of the A.A.S.A. in our goal to promote and foster the African American culture and heritage on campus at UC Merced. Please check out each members bio to learn more about the Distinguished Black Leaders at UC Merced. WE ARE THE FUTURE!! Thank you for you visiting A.A.S.A. on the web!


Serving on the Executive Boad is a majjor committment! We have compiled “An Executive Board Survival Manual” for those times of crises. Our hopes is that we can ease the transition of officers in the future and that you all can learn from our mistakes! Best wishes!


Executive Board Survival Manual




Congratulations! You have all been chosen to embark on an amazing journey and adventure as the executive officers of the African American Student Association. The African American Student Association also known as A.A.S.A. was founded in September 2005 by Jasminn Chestnut, Kamilia Dews, and Rodney Nickens. Drafting out rough computer-generated copies of a Constitution and By-Laws, the basic structure of the organization was created in the Leo and Dottie Kolligian Library.



Noticing the very small number of African American students on campus would make any African American student a little uneasy especially attending the first university to be built in the 21st century. It was commonplace to feel a bit out of place, isolated, and misunderstood. With those sentiments and the idea of starting an organization to promote and foster the appreciation and awareness of African American culture and history on campus and in the community, in mind, AASA was born.

A President rarely gets a day’s peace without having to conduct some business regarding the organization. This year serving as the President of AASA has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences I’ve ever faced. I have been stretched in ways that I never knew I could be. I have had buttons pushed that I did not know that I had. I have been criticized for countless decisions and have been constantly under scrutiny.


However, the benefits of being the leader of an entire organization have been such a blessing to me and have allowed for tremendous growth spiritually, academically, and socially. I feel like this experience has allowed for me to mature in a way that may not have happened for many years were it not for this organization.


When I look back at all the experiences that we have had this year together as the founding members of AASA, a tear comes to my eye. I am absolutely ecstatic about this organization and the potential of its members and officers and am so honored to serve as the President and Co-founder. I am positive that all of our members are going to be successful, professional, wealthy citizens and that when we look back at the impact that we have made in Merced and in the world, our children will truly be proud. It has been an honor to play such a large role in this organization and I look forward to this organization’s continued growth, exposure, unity, and outreach.


One piece of advice that I can offer to you is that you always keep an open-mind. Be open to communication, criticism, and opinions. Master the art of communication and ensure that all of the officers master it as well. I recommend that you read inspirational and self-help books to help you improve your weaknesses and to inspire you to become better. I recommend reading How to Win Friends and Influence People, Developing the Leader within You, and the Purpose Driven Life. Last but not least, please be as organized as you possibly can be.


In our inaugural year we established a foundation for our organization, appointed our Founding Executive Board Officers and Advisers, and held many successful meetings and events, from “The Winter Glow” to our First Annual Winter Formal to our “Star Studded Celebrity Night” our First Annual Black History Month Event. AASA has established itself as the premier cultural organization on campus.


With that said, we all have a long and exciting road ahead of us as the next leaders of this organization. At times it may seem difficult but please trust in your abilities and confide in your fellow executive board members. We are a team and we must work together. In my previous term serving as the Founding President of AASA, I learned that one of the most important aspects of establishing a new organization is communication. We must all communicate with one another. If there is a problem let someone know.


On another note, as many of you know I have many goals and ideas to make our next year at Merced enjoyable and inclusive for all. I am eager to hear your ideas and suggestions and am positive that together we can all devise a master plan for success. I look forward to working with each and every one of you. Together we will all achieve greatness. Best wishes with all your future endeavors and I wish you the most success.


Looking forward to the future….





Rodney K. Nickens Jr.

President and Cofounder



Fun Facts about A.A.S.A.

Founded: September 2005


Official Organization Name: African American Student Association (AASA)


Colors: red, black, and green


Unofficial Mascot: Panther


Our mission: We, the members of the African American Student Association at UC Merced, establish to provide and foster the awareness and appreciate of the African American culture and history.


Our purpose: The purpose of this organization shall be to foster and promote the appreciation and awareness of African American culture and heritage and to encourage social tolerance, academic success and to provide support for Black students on campus and in the community.





















Themes: Breaking the chains, laying the foundations, and the spirit of togetherness

Founders: Rodney Nickens, Jasminn Chestnut, and Kamilia Dews

Founding Advisors: Jacqueline Greely, Shavon English

Founding Officers: Rodney Nickens, Jasminn Chestnut, Kamilia Dews, Chinyerem Amesi, Brian Coaxum, Candice Bluntson, Erick Rozigas, and Lissette Alvarez

First Year Accomplishments: Registered as the first official student organization, Co-sponsored the first annual formal: Winter Glow Co-Sponsored first annual Black History Month: Star-Studded Celebrity Night, Raise ample funds in our inaugural year through collection of dues, personal donations, and fundraisers

Second Year Accomplishments: First organization to submit a bill requesting funds from ASUCM, First organization to organize a campus and community-wide summit



September 2005 in the mist of all the students and books Kamilia Dews, Rodney Nickens, and Jasminn Chestnut sat tediously in the library.  For hours they constructed what would come to be our vision, our purpose, and our mission.  Our constitution was written in the Leo and Dottie Kolligian library that day, and AASA was born.

The African America Student Association has had a flourishing start becoming one of the premier cultural organizations on campus.  Throughout its first year our officers experienced a rocky middle often finding it hard to balance our academics and our contributions to the organization but we never lost sight of what we knew would be an incredible future forthcoming. Our organization’s history thus far has been that of an extremely positive and active one, including organizational and historical meetings, social activities, fundraisers, dances, and volunteer/community service projects. Being an active organization is important, but we also look inward to devote time to our members encouraging their academic, political, social, and personal development.

Being that UCM is a brand new campus in a new era, the A.A.S.A. plans to take full advantage of that. We wish to intertwine our vision with that of the university’s and to become an organization that is fully supported and funded by the University. However, because of the small number of African American students currently here, there isn’t much focus or attention given to African American students, history, or culture.  Our organization is the only voice for the African American students here to seriously express their opinions, concerns, and frustrations.  To add to this, there are no faculty members to facilitate the proper learning, growth and appreciation of a culture that is often degraded and ignored throughout mainstream society.   Throughout the entire UC system African American students comprise less than 4% and as the President of the African American Student Association, I find that number absolutely preposterous seeing as how African American people comprise more than 10% of the general public. 




  • According to Article II of our Constitution, Purpose, states that the purpose of this organization shall be to foster and promote the appreciation and awareness of the African American culture and history.  The A.A.S.A. exists to enhance political awareness, social tolerance, and academic success and to provide support for students on campus and in the community. 


  • Since this is our second year at the University of California, Merced we will be developing themes each year to centralize our goals for that year.  In our first year starting the organization, we “Broke the Chains” of our forefathers, when we decided that rather than conform to the terribly low standards that society has set for us, we would set our own.   We “Broke the Chains” when we formed this organization and we will continue to “Break the Chains” along our journey as the first African American scholars at UCM.  In our second year, we are the “Laying the Foundations” of a solid organization.  We are creating the traditions that Black students will continue to follow for years to come.  We are “Laying the Foundations” to success for future generations of Blacks throughout the globe. 


  • As the founder and President of the African American Student Association I envisioned a union of Black students that would come together to discuss their issues and encourage each other along the way. That vision developed into something larger and as I grew as a person and leader my vision grew and I saw an organization of leaders preparing to change the world.  I saw an organization of politicians, engineers, psychologists, doctors, lawyers, scientists, business men and women, and professors.  I saw an organization of powerful, influential people who care about the injustice of the world and are willing to do something about it.


  • The Cofounder and Vice-President of Campus Affairs, Jasminn Chestnut advised that in order to become the most successful and influential organization that we can be we must focus our attention inward. We must strengthen our current infrastructure including our officers, committees, and membership.  In order to do this we are going to have to provide 1) more incentives for active membership and volunteering and community service, 2) more engaging activities programs and functions, 3) lasting impact on campus and in the community


  • In order to engage our members we must ensure that we are constantly in communication.  We live in an age where it is extremely easy to communicate with each other and the success of A.A.S.A. is going to depend on utilizing that. We have Facebook, MySpace, email, and our own official website which we must devote extensive attention to in order to attract and recruit members.  


  • In order to attract members the old fashion way, we are going to have to enhancing the historical recollection of our organization through the use of our Scrapbook, and a digital camera, as well. I would encourage all members of A.A.S.A. who own cameras to take as many pictures of our members, activities, etc. as they possible can and to email them to our Historian so that she may work on her projects as efficiently as possible.  Also when we make public appearances it is imperative that we have an official banner as well to solidify our emergence as a strong campus organization.  


  • It is the responsibility of the Treasurer, President, and whoever feels the need to become involved to develop extensive and creative fundraising proposals and to executive those efforts in a timely fashion in order to increase our treasury and allow for better events, merchandise, supplies, and outings.


  • It is imperative that the Vice President of Community Affairs initiate community service projects and outreach programs to increase our exposure in the community and recruit future students and members.


  • In order to reach more students and evolve into a more productive organization each meeting needs to engage its participants with excitement, energy, and passion. It is the responsibility of the President to monitor the progress of the Executive Board and to ensure that all tasks and responsibilities and ensure that all tasks are being satisfactorily completed and that the results keep the interest of the members.


  • It is the responsibility to devote extensive attention to improving Campus Affairs.  This means that if several members are struggling then he/she should initiate group study sessions for various topics during midterm and final periods to ensure that all students have access to help in difficult subjects.  In order to develop the culture and atmosphere that will attract more students Campus Affairs should aim to provide more productive social events on and off campus, that provide students with an outlet to meet new and different people that they might not socialize with otherwise and to showcase their talents.


  • All Executive Board members should plan to hold monthly outings and dinners at area restaurants to provide more revenue in the area and to scout possible sponsors and donors for the organization.


  • The 1st Annual African American Leadership Summit is the first step in initiating the lasting connection between the Black community at UC Merced and in the community and should reoccur every year in February in honor of Black History Month.  The UC Student of Color Conference, which takes place in the Fall is an excellent avenue to learn more about issues affecting people of color and to meet other students who share similar interests. I would encourage the Vice President of Community Affairs to attend these events and develop relationships with the Black leaders on other UC Campuses as well.  Also the Womyn of Color Conference which takes place in April is an excellent opportunity as well. The culmination of all of these events is the African Black Coalition Conference in April which brings together all of the Black students in the UC System for one weekend to network, discuss issues, and fellowship in each others company.  Leadership events like these are imperative to the success of our organization and will increase our knowledge and marketability in the work force.  


  • To develop our intellect and appreciation for the world that we live in I would encourage our members to become more engaged in historical and politically based meeting discussion topics to provide for greater intellectual stimulation in our meetings.


  • The Vice President of Communications has the task of organizing better Publicity and Campus/Community Outreach efforts to provide for better advertisements and greater exposure in a more creative and non-traditional way.          


  • All officers should aim to achieve greater access to the Office of Student Life and Terrace Center to ensure that AASA has accurate information with current events and that we have access to the latest volunteer, research and internship opportunities.


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