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A.A.S.A. Committees

To assist the Executive Board in making their decisions, it becomes necessary to form committees. Committees also serve as a way to engage the members in the activities of the organization. We encourage all those interested in getting more involved in A.A.S.A. by joining the committee of your choice. Below is a list of the committees.

Executive Board, Historian, Publicity, Budget and Finance

    1. The major committee chairs will be elected during the election period. The Executive Board is responsible for making all administrative decisions regarding the organization and is ultimately the head of the organization. The Executive Members include the: President, 1st VP, 2nd VP, 3rd VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Parliamentarian, and Historian. For more information please contact
    2. The Publicity Committee is responsible for ensuring that announcements are made aware to the students. The 3rd VP of Communications is the Chair of the Publicity Committee. For more information please contact
    3. The Budget and Finance Committee is responsible for developing a budget, fundraisers, and dues. The Treasurer is the Chair. For more information please contact
    4. The Historian Committee is responsible for recording the organization’s history. The Historian is the Chair.  For more information please contact
    5. Members are encouraged to volunteer on the committee of their choosing.
    6. The President has the right to call or approve ad hoc committees as needed.

If you would like to join a committee please contact the Chair of that committee.


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