Minutes and Agendas

AASA General Assembly Meeting-February 7, 2007

    I. Call to Order-5:09pm

        a. Old Business

              1. Club Fair Protocol available to assist members in hosting club fairs/booths and Bobcat Day

              2. Publicity Committee has started promoting UMOJA and will need helps putting flyers/posters and passing out flyers.

              3. Budget Committee has started the Valentines’s Day Sale selling Sweet Seduction and Message in a Bottle love baskets.   The next fundraiser will be a candy sale starting after Valentine’s Day. Contact Jasmine Bell at belljasmine@gmail.com or Jasminn Chestnut at jchestnut@ucmerced.edu for more information.  The A.A.S.A. Budget for 2007-2008 has been proposed to ASUCM and is currently undergoing committee.  For more information contact Rodney Nickens at rnickens@ucmerced.edu.

        b. New Business

            1. Oratorical Contest on Friday February 23, 2007 Reception starts at 5:30pm in the Lantern.

            2. UMOJA Leadership Summit Saturday February 24, 2007 8AM to 5PM in the Lantern.

             3. ABC Conference April 27-29, 2007 in UC Santa Barbara open to all UC Black student.  We are currently looking for sponsors to help pay for the costs of the hotels ($135/per room/per night) We need to start formulating the topics for the workshops.

        c. Announcements

              1. Today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

              2. A.A.S.A.’s website display on 3rd and 4th floor.

              3. Orientation Leader position now open!  All are encouraged to apply!

              4. Womyn of Color Conference April 20-22, 2007 for more info contact Rodney.

               5. NAACP Meetings every 4th Monday. Next meeting February 26, 2007 7-9PM in Downtown Merced.

                6. Message from the President: Therese has resigned and Stephanie Sullivan has been appointed to the position of the Secretary for the remainder of the semester. Get more involved in A.A.S.A.  Elections for the 2007-2008 Executive Board  in April!  For more information contact Rodney. Rodney is planning on running for ASUCM President.  Visit http://www.rodney4asucm.blogspot.com for more information.

        d. Open Floor: Don’t Label Me! I am an American. The debate between being called “Black” vs. “African American

              1. Took new group picture


AASA Executive Board Meeting – January 31, 2007

I. Call to Order – 5:00pm

a. People need to arrive on time to meetings so that they can not be longer than 1 hour and 15 minutes.

II. Attendance:

a. Rodney

b. Temnee

c. Erick

d. Jasminn

e. Cherie ( late, 5:02)

f. Erica (late,5:11)

g. Shavon

h. Therese (excused, 5:52)

III. Club Fair

a. Went well and got a few signups

b. Problems:

i. Jasminn, VP: sent out an email looking for volunteers and certain executive board members were available and did not choose to help

c. To make it more successful

i. Wear t-shirts ( that we will have in the future)

ii. Protocol for speaking with perspective members

iii. Have walkers – but more volunteers are needed

iv. Banner – pre- made

1. Temnee, Historian : make a poster board for future events

IV. Oratorical Contest

a. Friday, February 23, 2007

b. Theme: “From the civil rights era to the new millennium: values in the American community”

c. Meeting tomorrow at 2pm in OSL

d. Attendance is free and open to the public

e. High school and college level contests

V. Black History Month

a. First black candidate for public policy program – John Stanfield

i. Friday at 3pm

ii. Student panel Friday at 11am RM 351

b. Jasminn, VP update

i. Talked to Ida Johnson

ii. Talked to the student speakers

iii. No contact with the students regents

iv. Mel Manson is in contact with Jasminn through email

c. “Stars to high”

i. Should we do it? – we need more information

ii. Starstoohigh.com

iii. Erica is going to call them

iv. Shavon thinks we should pre-screen the movie because of its graphic nature

d. County museum – Black history month exhibit

i. 21st and M street

ii. Grand opening tomorrow from 5 – 7 pm

e. NAACP meeting

i. West 8th and M street

ii. Every fourth Monday of the month

iii. Next mtg: Feb. 26th

VI. ABC Event – all UC black student organizations

a. April 27-29th

b. Hotels are booked already

c. $135 per room, per night

d. Rodney’s goal: 10 people

e. Holiday Inn and Best Western

i. They will put a hold on the card but not charge it

f. Rodney says we need to start planning what kind of workshop we are going to do for the event

g. Members need to go visit SB before the event

VII. News

a. Website: ucmaasa.wordpress.com

i. Suggestions:

1. current picture

2. less text, more pictures

3. contact Coco

ii. library wants some kind of thing to go on the screen for black history month – Jasminn will talk to them about it

b. Next mtg choices:

i. African American v. Black

ii. The HBCU’s v. UC ‘s

iii. Discrimination based on status

iv. Using slavery as a crutch

v. Final decision: Don’t label me, I am an American. – African American v. Black

1. executive board wear something that symbolizes black culture (wear our views)

c. Umoja Fundraising

i. Send your schedules

ii. Next mtg. Monday at 4:30pm

d. Check out facebook for links

VIII. Open Floor

a. Issues : Jasminn, VP

i. Unity – we are not working together in a lot of instances; “for a lot of things that I put on I feel like an individual…”

ii. Staying on tasks – planning stuff so that we are not so overwhelmed

iii. Suggestions: have an objective, we are all here because we applied to be here ( this was a personal choice) and work together

b. Therese explains her resignation

IX. Adjournment 6:17



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