Burned Out Blacks! Are you one of them?

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS AN OPINION PIECE FOUND OF THE INTERNET! IN NO WAY DOES A.A.S.A. or UC Merced endorse or support any ideas mentioned in this piece.  Please do not direct any questions or comments to A.A.S.A. or UC Merced but rather respond to this piece written by an unknown author.  Thank you for your understanding!

Blacks who’ve simply given up on the black community. As in they don’t talk to blacks if they can avoid it, don’t think that blacks have ever accomplished anything, think Africa is and has always been the shit stain on the planet, and they generally don’t have much respect for the black community in general. These are blacks who were fed Eurocentric history, seen the black prison population as well as the raising rigths constantly sprayed on the news media without any explanation as to why there is such a disrepancy (something of course generally no one thinks about when looking at a statistic), grow up in a country socially ingrained to hate us or at least think “we’re lower” than pretty much everyone else. Not to mention some negative and stereotypical things that they’ve seen living in predominantly black communities. Basically nothing any of us haven’t experienced or realized to some degree, larger or smaller.

But the fact is some of these blacks see and hear all this and simply shut down. I’ve run into plenty like that. Alot don’t even realize the transition to when it finally happened but many can at least acknowleged SOMETHING happened.

Now these types of blacks usually wind up becoming alot of different things.

Some become Uncle Toms. In this day and age Republicans and Conseratives. Generally taking to issues that while seeming ambiguous, don’t do much for the black community (I’m not saying all black Republicans and black conservatives but many are like that). These ones tend to kiss white ass like no other.

Some become the token black guy (I’ll admit that’s what plenty of people seem to find me because for the most part I’ll generally be a black guy in a sea of white faces at parties and such) and will only associate with all things white. But more than associate alot of these “fallen blacks” will try so hard to fit in with whitey. They start to talk like him. Walk like him. Think like him. Pretty soon issues they fought for or at least had positive feelings torward (ie: affirmative action, hip-hop, black unity, anti-assimilation) start to take major shifts. They find themselves arguing AGAINST affirmative action, they stop listening to hip-hop to seem “less black” to his white friends, suddenly integration and assimilation works and is the best option for improving race relations.

Then you get the self-hating burned out black. These guys hates black people so much they could almost pass for white if it wasn’t for their “unfortunate” skintone. I’d add I see self-hating burned out black females as well. You can find self-hating token blacks, but token blacks tend to preach the idea that ” eveyone can live in harmony!” and don’t believe in racism either. Or like alot of white people, will claim they do, yet they can’t really get you to list any racism that they’re aware of. True self-haters are the exact opposite. They will blame damn near everything they can on blacks and go to http://www.stormfront.org or read Mein Kampf to justify it. As far as they’re concerned white people have no responsibility for any the problems we deal with today in any shape or form. We’re all at fault. Self-haters can either be extremly hardcore or extremly subtle. Most tend to be subtle however but the hardcore ones stand out.

I should also add that Uncle Toms can also be self-haters but aren’t necessarily. Many Uncle Toms are just in love with white people. And that love transcends the love for their own people.

Lastly there’s the burned out rich/college blacks. I place these two in the same category because they both work with the same mentality and are buyers of two of our larger stereotypes. Blacks are less intelligent, blacks are poor and alot live on welfare. These groups are almost embittered as self-haters. But they’re usually embittered at the blacks who “haven’t” gone to college or the ones who “haven’t” made something of themselves like the rich black. You’ll find this group is one of the largest complainers of the black community. Generally attacking it’s poor an uneducated while vainly using themselves as examples that there is no inequality. And even if there is it’s not as bad as some of us make it out to be. “Look at me!”

Burned out blacks are annoying as hell. Because burned out blacks generally hurt the black community. Either directly or indirectly. Most don’t even know they’re burned out. But they’re always easy to spot. I’d say the only thing I like about burned out blacks is it’s much easier to put a spark in some of them (I find Uncle Toms are the hardest). It’s about educating and dispelling these ignoramuses. It’s not always easy and some are easier to work with than others. Some are smarter and some are dumber. Some take 5 – 15 minutes to change their views and I’ve argued for days with some making no progress whatsoever. But it’s still worth it to try.

So has anyone here met or do you know any burned out blacks?? And the reality is there are ALOT of burned out blacks. So chances are you have or you do.



  1. What is the purpose of this article? Keep your opinions to yourself. No person is the same and some black people want better things out of life and some don’t. Just because a person decides to not associate with their own race and to become a much better person does not mean they think their better than anyone else. I am black and I hardly ever associate with people my color and it doesn’t bother me and I could care less. There is more in life to be focused on than associating with your own race. What is the big deal? I like being in a diverse community and associating with many different races, life is too short to be close-minded and trying to live up to other peoples expectations.

  2. Kimberly,
    Ironically, you say “Keep your opinions to yourself”, however you publicly display your opinions… Here’s my opion; You deciding to disassociate your self from your ethnicity, not your race or whatever you meant. There is one race, that is the human race. There are such things as Ethnicities and Nationalities. I will assume you choose not to associate with people of African ethnic backgrounds, (including those of American nationalities). You disassociating yourself from “people your color” (your terms), disconnects you from your culture, then you have no choice but to assimilate to the culture of people hang out with, possilby Eurocentric. You may even be the type to read Mein Kampf!
    Your statement “I like being in a diverse community”. Do you know that Black people (African descendants) are one of the most diverse ethnic groups? Even something as small as food. Black people on West coast don’t eat the same foods as Blacks on East coast or even the South, or even the Carribean!
    You state, “There is more to life than to be focussing on associating with your own race”. I do not know the person who pasted this opinion, but I’m sure she/he is more than concerned with who is and who is not associating themselves. I would guess that this opinion was pasted here as just a mere, thought-provoking idea.
    Because you might ask who am I to voice my opinion, I am just a citizen whose Freedom of Speech is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

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